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Mark Rothko


We care about our clients. We don't just do design. We are Notorious.

What is Notorious?

While our passion is for design, in reality we’re a hybrid between vision and business consultancy. Our specialism is to give your idea thought, to package it and present and refine it, so you have the best chance of reaching a global audience. We care about your results, so we commit to work with our clients to really meet and exceed their needs. We can help you develop advertising campaigns, develop a distinctive brand, reach out through social networks, and of course develop an effective, memorable, web presence.



How we spend our time





Web Design




We’re the silent partner

These days, it’s not enough to have a great idea. You have to leverage contemporary technologies to fight for attention in an information-rich world. At Notorious Design we take on your idea front and centre. We struggle with you to give it the best identity and the best start, so you can focus on what is important: building your project, developing your business.

Our Team Of Experts

Ian Douglas, CEO and Lead Brand Developer

Ian is founder of Notorious, a teacher, political writer, skydiver and father. He has a passion for graphic design and obscure French philosophers. He lives in Cairo.

Mohammad Ammar, CTO

Mohammad is a senior Unix/Linux administrator whose competence includes AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, RedHat EL, SuSE Enterprise Server, Apache and Tomcat, and Bash and Python shell scripting.

Mahmoud Hanafy, Lead Designer

Mahmoud is an accomplished graphic artist, filmmaker and designer living and working in Cairo. He has held a number of solo exhibitions and is the aesthetic soul of Notorious.

Rebecca Robertson, Lead Web Developer

Rebecca is a specialist in PHP and Javascript. Where we get stuck, we turn to her. She joined Notorious in 2012 and lives in Japan. She loves the ocean.

Pete Sinclair, Lead Web Designer

Pete is an accomplished web developer who specialises in WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Opencart platforms. He joined Notorious in 2011.

Nova Brunet, Lead Marketing Developer

Nova is renaissance man and social entrepreneur who continually hatches new (mostly subversive) ideas. He lives on a Philippine island.