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Mark Rothko

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We are a small team of meticulous designers. We specialise in branding and web development. We are Notorious.

Go global

Our designs aim to put you on the global stage, enabling you to reach out and be remembered.

eCommerce ready

If you need to sell online, we can build the perfect site, whether in WordPress, Opencart, Magento or Joomla.

In-house hosting

Save yourself the hassle; let us host and manage your site. We give one-on-one attention and scale to your needs.


Based on a flexible, responsive framework, your site will look great on any platform, or any device.


  • All
  • Business
  • For Sale
  • Non-profit
  • Personal

Our focus


Brand development

We work hard at conceiving your product, imagining its growth, and honing in on the aesthetic and identity this requires.


Graphic design

We love graphic design, as we love beauty in all of life. If we’re not coding, we’re usually immersed in Photoshop.


Web development

We have a growing portfolio of websites, and experience spanning more than 20 years of internet evolution.


Social life

What we’re not great at doing is balancing work and a normal life. Our bad. Ask our friends.


Notorious design

Our approach

Our design philosophy is to establish harmony between aesthetics and concept, thereby assigning added value to your products or organisation. Underneath the hood we provide lead industry technologies to grow your business and integrate at all levels with your customers. On the surface, our designs are simple and effective, following minimalist philosophy to cut out the clutter and refine the essence.

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Get started

Your guide through the online labyrinth

Establishing an effective web presence can be daunting. Beyond registering a domain, finding the right hosting package, building your site, keeping it secure, and ensuring your host scales with your growth, your site will only be as good as the design concepts it is built on. If you need eCommerce capabilities, it’s even more complex. Save yourself the headache. Let us worry about all of it.

Start now



VPS, shared or dedicated: we can arrange it. We have developed sites for projects that see a few thousand page views a month all the way up to major sites that see 70,000 page views a day and more than one million per month. We can assess your project and get you the most cost effective and yet capable server resources to fit your needs and your pocket.

Rapid turnaround

Your deadline is paramount. If you need design or web development services at a pinch, come to us. We can meet your deadline, whatever it is. At our premium rates, we will block out time and prioritise your project.


We look at the whole picture. Because branding is the core of our business, we take time to look at the whole in any given project. Sign up for our total service and we will develop or overhaul your brand, establish your web presence, develop with you flyers, posters, eNewsletters, and ensure full social network integration so you reach the most people possible.


Selected Clients

Branding • Web development • Web hosting • Logos • Corporate strategy




  • $9.99/m
  • Hosting*
  • 2GB monthly bandwidth
  • 10,000 monthly page views
  • 99.75% uptime
  • Email support
  • Get hosting
  • $600
  • Logos*
  • Unique sellable logo
  • Total ownership
  • Feedback and review process
  • Customised mockups
  • Get logo
  • $500
  • Web design*
  • Fast, clean code
  • Premium aesthetics
  • Dedicated support
  • Optional hosting
  • Get site
  • $1500
  • Branding*
  • Unique sellable logo
  • Web development
  • Concept development
  • Stationary and mockups
  • Get branding

* Starting prices. See individual service pages for more detail.